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Classes are held on Saturday and a Monday. On joining it is hoped that you would commit to training your dog for eight weeks, to be consistent is good for everyone, dogs especially. If for some reason there is weeks that you cannot commit to this, with notice, it can be carried over.

We now run an open class system, here the classes are continual and any new members are assessed to ensure that they attend the class most suitable to their needs and abilities. Throughout your attendance assessments will continue, again this is to ensure that you are in the best class based on your and your dog’s personal requirements.

Here at Padders Dog Training we train by using reward and motivational based methods in all training sessions ensuring that an element of fun is brought into all of the sessions. We follow the exercises laid out in Kennel Club Good Citizen, Puppy, Bronze, Silver and Gold qualifications and at the same time look to address any individual problems of each of the members. All we ask for in return is that handlers attend as regular as possible and that commitment is given in training of their dog through the week, a small sacrifice to make.

If at any time between classes you experience any issues with your dog or you have a particular question then please do not hesitate in contacting Jenny either by e-mail or phone and she will be more than happy to help.

The classes are as follows:

Saturday 9am till 12 noon - Venue: 1st Halton Scout Hall

  • Puppy Class, for puppies up to about 6 months. This is a very important time in your puppy’s life, covering basic exercises and puppy behaviour and above all socialising and having fun.
  • Basic Control, for new starters and puppies moving up.
  • Intermediate Class, for handlers and dogs wishing to improve their goals that they have set them selves.
  • ‘The Sixth Form’, For Handlers and Dogs whom have already achieved their basic control and wish to develop their training more.

Monday Afternoon, 1pm till 2pm - Venue: 1st Halton Scout Hall

  • An open age class that covers from basic to advanced levels focusing on socialising, control and individual targets.
  • Also available is puppy basics held at Jollyes Pet store, Runcorn 5.30pm.