One to One Sessions at Padders Dog Training One to One Sessions at Padders Dog Training

One to One Sessions

For those who cannot attend classes one to one sessions are available. These last from an hour upwards depending on the exercise that we may be covering.

Puppy Visit

Ideal when your puppy first arrives just to make sure that you are doing the right thing with them. You may have had a puppy before but the years pass and we soon forget. Methods and the understanding of behaviour are also changing, so it’s best to get things right from the start to benefit the puppy and the family.

One to One Training

If you are unable to make training in a class situation or feel one to one sessions would benefit you more just get in touch. These are individually tailored to suit the needs of you and your dog in the comfort of your own home and surroundings. You can book individual sessions or block sessions.

Behavioural Session

Some dog behaviour cannot be addressed in a training setting and behavioural methods have to be put into place. This involves a home visit in your own surroundings with all the family present to discuss the problem that you as a family are experiencing. As I am able to observe and discuss the behaviour with you things will become clearer as to why your dog is reacting in a specific way, then as a family along with my guidance you can start putting a modification program in place. Initially the visit will be about two hours and a follow up visit may be required. It is advisable to have you have a “health assessment” by a veterinary practice prior to ringing to ensure it is not a medical problem.